The Couple

The First Date (June 2016)
Kyle and Carmella met at the Rancocas State Park where Natalie and Zach took us hiking in June of 2016! We talked non stop about beer and wine flavors, our jobs and hobbies! Unbeknownst to Carmella this was an intentional setup! We talked for weeks straight after that! And we found out we were both going to Comic Con later that year. After hiking, the group went kayaking and to the beach! Kyle’s job allowed us to visit NYC museums so we planned a daytrip! After that day trip, he met her family at Paterson Falls and she met his family for a 10 mile NYC walking tour! 
The Yes Date (October 3, 2020)
When the much-anticipated Japan trip was canceled, a weekend nature retreat without screens was planned! Surrounded by fall trees on a farm touching the Mohonk Preserve, the couple camped beneath the stars! On Saturday morning, Kyle managed to convince Carmella to escape the heated blanket warmth to get hiking miles uphill to reach the top of Mohonk Mountain Preserve. He set a fast, exciting pace while Carmella was still cold and sleepy. Reaching a crest, they were rewarded by a spectacular view! Carmella pulled out snacks on a bench while Kyle setup an advanced selfie photo! Turns out this wasn’t just a photo. As she stood there smiling at the camera, Kyle reached for the ring box and surrounded by the mountain peace, he asked THE question! We spent the rest of the day taking ring photos and selfies around the gorgeous Mohonk Preserve!! 

We wouldn’t be here without our families and their history, so let’s celebrate them here!

Bill and Lynda Neiswender
Rosanne and Steve Schwab

The Neiswender Family

Bill and Lynda met on base at Luke Air Force base in 1985. Bill was a logistics manager and Lynda was a self proclaimed “Air force brat” having traveled the world with her father who was also in the Air Force. Having been throughout the US and even spending her childhood in Japan, Lynda decided to settle down in Phoenix, Arizona. The two got married shortly after in 1987 and they soon after had their first child, Michael “Mikey” Scott Neiswender.
After battling multiple complications, Mikey passed away February 14, 1988.

After taking some time to themselves, Kyle was born February 14, 1992 in Phoenix, Arizona and was quickly whisked away to Upper Deerfield, New Jersey. After a small stint there, the family moved to Millville, New Jersey with his two younger siblings, Marissa and Kaitie, where he would eventually meet his best friends Chris Farrell and Dan Hess-Bennette. Kyle would then move to New Brunswick, New Jersey to go to college at Rutgers, meet Carmella, and well…. the rest is history.

The Schwab Family

Rosanne and Steve met during their time at Rutgers University marching band fraternity on the pregame bagel runs! They got married in 1990 and moved down to North Carolina with Rosanne working in Project Management and Steve on architectural modeling.

North Carolina is where Carmella was born on September 10, 1994. She was named after her grandmother, Carmella “Dolly” Cillo who’s engagement ring she now carries! She has two younger siblings David and Marisa

Growing up in the rolling hills of Bethlehem Township, Juliana and Carmella were neighbors since 4th grade, later fencing together, then traveling to Spain and Germany together!