Wedding Info



St. Ann Roman Catholic Church – 32 Main St, Hampton, NJ 08827 | 2PM Start time 10/23/2021


Hawk Pointe Golf Club – 4 Clubhouse Drive, Washington, NJ 07882
Cocktail Hour- 4PM


TownePlace Suites by Marriott Clinton – 1638 Highway 31 North, Clinton, NJ 08809 – Under Carmella Schwab

The Party

Marisa Schwab

Co-Maid of Honor

Marisa was born when Carmella was 7. Carmella got to help dress & play while Marisa became the awesome supportive cheerleader for every extracurricular event ever…softball weekends, fencing tournaments and even college visits!! 

Julianna Lubbe

Co-Maid of Honor

Growing up in the rolling hills of Bethlehem Township, Juliana and Carmella were neighbors since 4th grade and spent our lunches together volunteering with our teacher. In High School we started fencing together, and in college, we traveled to Spain and Germany together!

Sarah Waxman

Sarah and I were Rutgers roommates who spent most evenings & weekends studying for food science classes, making ice cream and pizzas, leading the food science club, and breaking out into song because people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn.

Gina Cillo

The Cillo cousins were a fun athletic bunch of youngins who frequented Grandpa’s for skating, gardening, swimming and ball games. Gina, Kelsey and Carmella played softball for many years and got to travel around the world together! Carmella never gave up the “whaley” bad jokes with Gina throughout college! 

Kim Young

Kim is honest about all the topics people avoid, puts everyone else’s needs before her own and is the most supportive co worker ever. She also puts up with all of the cat owner and now baby questions one could ever think of! 

Chris Farrell

Co-Best Man

Kyle and Chris met in high school in the C hallway in 2009. Since then they have blossomed into the best of friends! Chris has been there for almost every important event in Kyle’s life.

Dan Hess-Bennette

Co-Best Man

Kyle and Dan met around 2010 thanks to Tiffany Hess-Bennette. Dan provided the final piece to the best friend triangle that Chris and Kyle had started. He and Kyle swoon over board games, beers, and beards. The big three B’s

Gabe La

Gabe and Kyle met freshman year at Rutgers. They shared a love for all things tech, IT, and awkwardness. They then were roommates for the years to follow, and remain close friends

Karan Patel

Karan and Kyle also met in freshman year at Rutgers. They found that they shared the same love of games, spicy food, and beer. Karan would continue to live with Kyle for years to come and live super close after college, sharing Brix City beers and visiting new breweries together.

Dan Mazzella

Dan and Kyle came together junior year of college at Rutgers. They worked together, became close, lived together, and share all things beer, travel, and IT. They dream lavish lives together and drink foreign beers to this day.