Adding to the Chaos…

So 2020 was wild, right? We went from being on top of the world in 2019, planning trips to Hawaii and Japan, to being cooped up inside a 1bd apartment in Hackensack in 2020. We enjoyed the year spending every single second of most of the days together, working from home, hanging out with Sonoma, and watching our trips slowly fly out the window.

Well, we got engaged regardless at the amazing Mohonk Mountain Preserve. We began planning, scheming, building menus, and putting together insane DIY wedding concepts. We decided against it all and chose Hawk Pointe Golf Club right next to Carmella’s family home, the church, and the beautiful Musconetcong mountain area.

Oh. We also decided to finally get a house in the Hudson Valley (after looking for 2.5 years) in the midst of what will definitely be one of the busier times in our lives.

We hope that you will humor us when we ask to schedule, a month in advance, for a half day to come see you. We also hope that you’ll enjoy your time in our wedding! Please stay tuned as Covid, state restrictions, and who knows what else alter our plans. We look forward to seeing all your shining faces!