Bachelorette Weekend!

This “wholesome” bachelorette weekend started with a country themed wine and appetizer spread followed by a massage party for the group in our new matching PJs! Next on the itinerary was scrapbooking in the Ellie + Carl themed book while watching Incredibles, sipping wine and eating Aunt Marianne’s brownies!!!

Saturday started with a chocolate chip pancake breakfast!!! We walked historic downtown Bethlehem, PA. Someone else had a bridal shower (and later a wedding) in the Bethlehem Hotel which was lavish!

We were on a scavenger hunt for dogs, other Kyles, bachelorette parties and other adventures which led to a blacksmith and some very cute photos in front of an old stone foundation! We found a bookstore with beer, the visitor center and a noteworthy ice cream shop perfect for the weather! 

Some of us took a power nap while others pulled up menus for tapas and dinner! This was a great group to split bite sized foods n drinks and the perfect start to a beautiful summer evening! The dinner was outside in a quiet square with the kindest waitress. Dinner was delectable but the dessert was even more precious! The waitress put together this whole dessert spread with limoncello and text around crème brulee!!

After dinner, we walked off the food coma to a little hidden away speakeasy. With a live band, staff dressing to the nines and my ideal vintage aesthetic, this was a great find! We were there early enough they found a way to accommodate the group with gorgeous, well-balanced cocktails and we left with enough time to put on PJs, have second dessert and make fun of everyone on that Yacht show!!!!

You guys are so thoughtful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this all together!!! Can’t wait to celebrate all together end of October!

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