The Bachelor Party

I gave my best men two specific requests when it came to my bachelor party:

1) Historic Architecture
2) Breweries

What followed was one of the most unexpected, explorative, and fun weekends I’ve ever had in the U.S..

Welcome to Pittsburgh.

After 5 hours of driving we arrived in Pittsburgh and I was overwhelmed with the inventory of historic homes, industrial, and corporate buildings. The City of Bridges, The City of Steel, and The City of Basement Showers greeted us with bricks, scenic views, and a booming downtown.

Between eating some of the hottest wings I’ve ever had (which if you know me, that’s a very very high praise), hitting up 5 breweries in 1 day (we actually managed to go to at least 8 breweries… who remembers?), and almost setting our AirBnB on fire… I couldn’t have asked for a better time. Thanks goes out to my friends who planned the adventure and those who couldn’t make it but made an effort nonetheless.

BIG thanks goes out to Pittsburgh. I’ll be back soon enough to eat more of your amazing cuisine and drink more of your beer.

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