What’s Happening

Bachelorette Weekend!

This “wholesome” bachelorette weekend started with a country themed wine and appetizer spread followed by a massage party for the group in our new matching PJs! Next on the itinerary was scrapbooking in the Ellie + Carl themed book while watching Incredibles, sipping wine and eating Aunt Marianne’s brownies!!! Saturday started with a chocolate chipContinue reading “Bachelorette Weekend!”

The Bachelor Party

I gave my best men two specific requests when it came to my bachelor party: 1) Historic Architecture2) Breweries What followed was one of the most unexpected, explorative, and fun weekends I’ve ever had in the U.S.. Welcome to Pittsburgh. After 5 hours of driving we arrived in Pittsburgh and I was overwhelmed with theContinue reading “The Bachelor Party”

Bridal Shower Train

To stay on theme this year, our group took a 1940s train ride through New Hope! Complete with vintage travel inspired games and goodies. I am incredibly honored by the women in my life. And I am very grateful we could all be together on a beautiful sunshiny day! The shower still leaves me speechlessContinue reading “Bridal Shower Train”